Extend your thousand hands with HanaHana Virtual Reality Magic

Embodied in a swarm of elementary particule, you are the life force in a fragmented plateau of Herself.

Respond to the call to adventure and: Multiply and extend your hands to infinity!  

Indulge your self with unknown sensations while building a reflexive labyrinthian horizon.

Will you reach the sun or be engulfed by a sandstorm?

HanaHana 花華 originates with the human hand, source of creation and destruction. This pioneer contemporary Artwork by Mélodie Mousset develops as player, one after the other, grow hands and unleash their creativity throughout each new exhibition.

From the Japanese meaning “blooming flowers” HanaHana 花華 was inspired by Eiichiro Oda’s Heroin Nico Robin of famous One Piece manga. Nico has the ability to reproduce her own body parts on all surrounding surfaces since she consumed the HanaHana No mi Devil fruit. Granted with the same magic power, the player will be surprised how addictive it is to extend thousands of arms and cultivate this dizzying garden of heaven.

Are you ready for taking the VR devil fruit and go on a thrilling journey into the depths of our mind, body and senses?

"It was one of the most intense VR Experience I enjoyed so far, great work!"

Florian Braun - Head of Marketing, Vitra

"To experience HanaHana was mind-blowing for me. I suddenly saw and envisioned the future possibilities of VR in so many fields. Stunning!”

Susanne B.Baumann - Executive Coach Innovation Competence

"It was as unsettling as it was addictive. They had to pull me out of the experience because I couldn’t stop. This was super fun."

Corine Meijers - submarinechannel.com

"Watching hands unfurl like flower is oddly beautiful."

Holly Nielsen - theguardian.com

"HanaHana has redefined the way we explore virtual territories. I’m very proud to have had the chance to program it from Switzerland to China."

Salar Shana - CCO at World VR Forum

"HanaHana is both intriguing and poignant. The mystery of the audio drew me in, but the panache of the visuals kept me there. Loved, loved, loved it."

Rupert Breheny - Program Manager, Google