“Full Bloom” New Features

April 23, 2019


We have been working on it since September and finally we are proud to unveil the juicy fruit after the success of our prototype!

What are the new features to look forward to ???

  • Next-generation graphic
  • More satisfying sensorial stimulation and sense of presence with sound, visual and haptic feedback.
  • More interactivity:
    • Interactive environment : realistic sand, water and wind behavior
    • Interactive sound and 3d audio for a total immersion.
    • Physic simulations: Hanas are elastic and wobbly and THIS is just out of control fun!
  • More areas to discover on the map (coming with their own soundscape and mechanic):
    • Underwater zone
    • Dynamic sandstorm
    • Sky environment
  • More to share with multiplayer special features include:
    • Merge avatar
    • Voice play