EX MOI, Turin

November 15, 2018

Invited by the most unpredictable Treti Galaxy curators to conduct an experimental project in collaboration with Dear and a group of hospitalized kids in Turin, we carried on a series of workshops through which the kids entered into dialogue with the work and research of the artist. During the workshop, the kids shared feedback, ideas and actively contributing to the creation of a new iteration of HanaHana.

The outcome of this 3 months workshop was exhibited during Artissima at the Arcades of the Ex-MOI. It has been welcomed by the public and critics as the most exciting and successful moment of the entire Piedmontese art week.

« Just like the thousand hands of a contemporary goddess can almost do everything: Rehabilitate a disused village, connect distant worlds, move cancer from the sight of sick children, HanaHana is not reality, but for these kids, it become one that they created, one that give them back power to control and decide the direction they want to take. »
Giulia Zonca, La Stampa.