The Artist

Mélodie Mousset is a French contemporary artist based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Involuntarily pioneer in the field of new media art, Mélodie is passionate about expending different forms of being human combining art and technology.

Back in 2012, the artist used medical imagery to obtain digital and physical copies of her internal organs which she carried in her suitcase, across the Atlantic, on board a cargo container. In Mexico, after several shamanic re-embodiment attempts, she finally engulfed in the cave system of Masateca s’ magic mountain. This, also leaded to her first VR introspective piece called « We were looking for ourselves in each others (Organ Island). « Meeting my heart, brain and liver in a desert island and stepping into them for real was a powerful experience »…

Renown writer, author of the best seller « I love Dick », Chris Kraus writes about Mousset’s work:

“I don’t think of Mousset as part of a lineage, unless it’s one of exceptionally original, anomalous artists who have the courage to pursue an idea as far as it will go. “

Team Members

Lead developer: Vinicius Pereira Faria, Brazil
Unity developer: Tom Frackowiak, Berlin
Network developer: Julio Falcone, Vancouver
Technical Artist: Thibaud Gayraud, Bruxelles
Sound direction : Chris Heinrichs, London/Malta
Music & sound effect: Joe Williams, New York
Music & sound effect: Moisés Horta Valenzuela, Berlin/Mexico
Graphic designer: Marietta Eugster, Paris/Zurich
Web designer: Thibault Brevet, Zurich/Marseille